Day 1: Thanksgiving

Hello, citizens of the blogging universe. 

Despite my “aint’-nobody-got-time-for-blogging” attitude, I have caved and created this here WordPress account. However, with me being busy with college and friends and whatnot, I can’t guarantee regular updates, so be warned. But even after being at the University of Missouri for only three months, I have already been told by multiple journalism professors the “importance of blogging,” and how I should be “writing something every day.” So here it goes. 

Along with this being my first-ever blog post, it just so happens to be Thanksgiving. And so I’m going to take this opportunity to give some thanks.

First thing’s first: I am incredibly thankful for each and every one of my friends. 

To all of my wonderful friends from Lee’s Summit- Laura, “E-Patz,” Aubs, Zak, Nathan, Kristin, Joelle, Mary, Mark, “Quinnjamin,” and all the rest. Though we’re scattered throughout midwestern colleges and may not see each other for months at a time, you are all loved and missed. You all made high school less horrible, and for that I thank you. And then there are two very special kids, Danielle and Stella Ella, who are the best friends anybody could ever ask for. I love you guys the most (but don’t tell the others).

And to all my friends who make up the marvelous Mizzou “Hatch 5” (including those adopted from other floors), I am incredibly thankful for you. You all have done wonders to make Mizzou a home away from home. We’re like a family, we take care of each other, every day is filled with spontaneity and fun, and I could never imagine living anywhere else. A special shout-out to my dear, dear roommate, Emily, for putting up with my insistent sleep talking and other ridiculous quirks. You are a wonderful roommate and I am very thankful that we were randomly assigned together and became such good friends.

Friends, I wouldn’t be anywhere without you.

Quickly, here’s the rest:

1. Of course, my family. You guys rock, even though you drive me crazy most of the time. 

2. Lee’s Summit/Kansas City. Especially now that I’m away at college, I really appreciate how great my hometown truly is. I miss it dearly. I couldn’t imagine growing up anywhere else.

3. Netflix. Always Netflix. 

4. I’m thankful for getting the opportunity to work for The Maneater, where I am able to be involved with journalism so early on in my college career.

5. All the teachers and professors I’ve had, thank you for bestowing your knowledge upon me. Particularly the Lee’s Summit West crew- Mr. Briscoe, Mr. Little, and Mrs. McWain.

Turkey day celebrations, here I come. Now I must get off my computer, stop watching Pocahontas, put on actual clothes for the first time since Tuesday, and mentally prepare myself for the slew of college questions that are going to be hurled at me by my family for the next five to six hours. 

Wish me luck.

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