Winter break woes

In the weeks leading up to the end of the semester, I only had one thing on my mind: winter break. Five blissful weeks of no classes, no homework, no studying, no readings, no tests to worry about. Five weeks of doing nothing, binge-watching Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black on Netflix, hanging out with old high school friends, going to see future Oscar-noms at AMC, and eating at all the places I’ve missed while in CoMo, like Costa Vida and Roxberry and Johnny Ray’s. Five weeks of heaven was right around the corner. And after surviving my first semester of college and making the Dean’s List, it was a much needed break.

And I enjoyed every minute of it…for about a week.

In my time away from school, I have fallen into a daily routine: wake up, eat cereal, watch Netflix all day, hang out with my parents when they get home from work, watch more TV, read for fun, go to bed. Wake up, repeat. Sometimes hang out with friends in the evenings. Sometimes drag someone to see Wolf of Wall Street or Dallas Buyers Club or Anchorman 2 with me.

In reality, my life is one big vortex of suckiness and boredom.

I’m suffering from an intense case of Cabin Fever, and I’m homesick for Hatch. I went from being down the hall from friends 24 hours a day to being home alone all day every day with only my 16 year-old sister with Downs Syndrome for company, and she isn’t much of a conversationalist. Most days I’ll go eight or nine hours without even speaking to another person.

I miss my CoMo friends, I miss having the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want, I miss being able to do things spontaneously, I miss everything being within walking range. I miss the school I was so ready to take a break from.

I’m going stir crazy. I’m pretty sure I’m getting carpal tunnel from Facebook stalking and playing an ungodly amount of Tetris. I’ve started taking naps out of boredom. My family is driving me crazy. My mom is already crying over me going back to college (which, remember, is still two weeks away) and keeps saying things like “I miss you, baby,” and “Don’t leave me,” and “Summer will be here before we know it.”

It’s not that I hate it at home, because I don’t. I just really love my school and all the friends I have made there. I’ve been so lucky to have met each and every one of them. I think the main reason I’m so ready to return to Columbia is because the meager 12 days between Thanksgiving break and winter break were arguably the best 12 consecutive days of the semester. And after weeks of looking forward to spending five weeks at home, I found myself unwillingly packing my things after my last final. I didn’t want to leave.

Now my friends from home have already begun to return to their colleges, and I’m still here for two more weeks. It doesn’t matter how much I love movies and television, I don’t think I can survive two more weeks of Netflix binging.

Somebody please save me.

1 thought on “Winter break woes”

  1. Claudia, I really enjoy reading your blog. You have a unique way of expressing the mundane and normal events of life. Somehow you make everything whimsical and entertaining. Best of luck at Mizzou…I know you will go far!

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