Day One

My overall resolution for 2015 is to be happier — do the things that make me happy, don’t dwell on the negative aspects of life, and recognize the good that I’ve been #blessed with. I often preoccupy myself with setbacks and negatives so much that all the goodness of life is overshadowed and often forgotten, and I’m making it a priority to stop these harmful habits.

This brings me to #100HappyDays, which challenges you to post pictures of what makes you happy every day for 100 consecutive days.

When I first found out about this challenge, I admit I thought it was a bit cheesy. But as I scrolled through the website the idea began to appeal to me more and more.

Despite being in the middle of a much-needed four week break from schoolwork and The Maneater, I’ve been under a lot of stress. I’ve been anxious and feeling a lot of pressure from a number of sources. This challenge could help relive some of these negative feelings and help me become a more optimistic person.

Instead of bombarding my Instagram/Facebook/Twitter feeds with these daily updates, I created a Tumblr blog (even though I don’t have the slightest idea how to work Tumblr, but I assume I’ll figure it out) specifically for this challenge. I invite you to follow along.

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