My Last Night in America

My living room is in disarray. On the floor sits an open suitcase packed with clothes, bags of toiletries and piles of shoes I still need to stuff somewhere. Stacks of books rest on the coffee table. A large cardboard box of discarded clothing rests to the side. My mom will arrive home in about half an hour and is definitely going to have a conniption that I a) am not finished packing and b) trashed the spotless living space.

It is my last night in America. Tomorrow I’m flying out of Kansas City and, after connecting through North Carolina, I’ll be arriving in London Wednesday morning. I’ll spend the summer working an internship and taking classes abroad, and won’t be back home in Missouri until August.

I’m terrified. What if I mess up my internship? What if I can’t do it? What if I don’t like it? What if I hate my classes? What if the other 14 girls (and one boy) who are going on this trip with me don’t like me? I’ve never left the country before, and being so far away from my family, my friends, my boyfriend and my cat for so long is scary.

But it’s also so, so exciting. I’ve dreamed about living in London since I was a little kid, and now it’s actually happening. The London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace are all going to be within walking distance of the flat I will call home for the next three months. I have the opportunity to not only explore London, but visit other countries as well – Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain…

I’m going to be keeping a journal of my experiences abroad, and I’m going to try to blog more regularly now that I don’t have a million things going on like I do during the school year. This semester burned me out, and I want nothing more than to enjoy my time in Europe and take the time to write for me again. Feel free to follow along as I (attempt to) blog at least once every couple of weeks about my travels, internship and other adventures or thoughts.

But for now, on my last night in America, I’m keeping this post brief so I can get back to packing and watching Bob’s Burgers.

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